Year 5

Words of advice

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 When your friend has had an argument

  • Don’t worry everything will be alright.
  • Everything will be alright in the morning.
  • Don’t let it get to you.
  • Never let it bring you down because of one silly little argument.




What to do on a sunny day(tom m 5b)

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On a sunny day you can play hide and seek with your friends.

Play football.

Go swimming with family.

Chill in your back garden and eat ice cream.

Go on a awesome bike ride at Rivington

You could go to go ape climing.

If you are a sporty person go running.

That is what you can do on a sunny day


Child Line Poem (By Victoria)

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C  aring for other people,

H elp is always on the hand,

t’s a great place,

iked by lot’s of children

ial 0800 1111

ife saver

t is great

N  ice people are here for you

E veryone listens




How to face year5(by Jacob)

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The first step to survive  year 5 is you always listen to the teach and never ever answer back ok .

The second step to survive year 5 just do not groan…

Anyway lets just talk  about the fun stuf we get to go to lowery theatre and we get to make moving toy but the  is at the end of the year and we got mace choclate bars it is mesybutt it was stil fun.

In year5 we did a subjeckt on the moon and the heat and liquids and not for geting the vikings esc….

so i hope all of my suggetions  helped you .


Tips for year 5 (By Harrison)

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In year5 you do lots of fun stuff like learning about the vikings  and the greeks.We also read  some books called I was a rajfgdt and there’s a boy in the girls bathrom;when we was learning about I was a rat we watched a play about it it was good.The vikings was fun because we made a village and ours didn’t workout as we pland and at the end when you’ve made them you get to take them home but you will have to diside who takes it.The greeks was really fun  because we made long ships and we made maskes.We made moving toys wich was hard work.I’m really excited for year 6 because we get to learn about world war 2 and i’m excited for my new teacher.


How to survive year 5(by Charlie)

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In year 5 you always need to try your best even when you dont even need to do so much work, because in year 6 you are going to do your sats

In year 5 their is a lot of things to do like the vicous vikings, groovy Greeks and many more. this week we have been making toys (cam toys),

first we planed are toys

second we made are frame structure

third we made a design for the sides of are frame structure I stuck on some card for one side and then I drew a creeper of Minecraft.

fourth we made are mechanism for are toy

last but not least test them out

We went to lowry theatre as are school trip

Year 6

In Year 6 I am looking forward to looking after the chickens and getting a buddy. In year 6 we are going to Robbin wood every body is going on about prana pool.


In Year 4 we had a awsome teacher Mr Payne we did Tudors and made Tudor houses.


Mackenzie how to acomplish year 5

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When you get in to year 5 it is going to be harder than year 4. You will learn about the vikings the romans the saxons and Ancient Greece.In year 5 you will make toys that when you twist it the picture at the top will turn and go up and down.Also in year 5 you will make viking ships. And in year 5 you will make your own space planets.And in year 5 you will make your own mascots. In year 5 you will read a book called theres a boy in the girl bathroom and another book called Iwas a rat. Have a nice time  in year 5


How to survive year 5 (by Tom)

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ABOUT YEAR FIVE In year five do not mess around or you will no about it. You will have the biggest shock in the world.ok  moving on to the Greeks you half to make Greek boats it is awesome bet you cant Wait for year five.In year five we do an egg safety helmets we drop the eggs from a certain height and see if they crack. what do you think of year five so far?.But it does not stop there we learned about space dodging  are way threw the metiartes.You will love year five because I certainly did withe my awesome teacher Mrs barber.YEAR 6 I am looking faward to year 6 bacause evryone is saying is is the best I am sure the year 6 will be looking faward to giong to the high school I think it will be the best defenatly not better than primary will be good in year six because they do a lot of awsome topics.


How To Survive Year 5! (By Holly)

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Getting in year 5 is one of the best years of your life! Making moving toys, Vicous Vikings, Groovy Greeks maybe even more… Plus you might read some really great books I loved the book ‘I was a rat!’ we also went to the threater to see that play that was really funny.

Im really looking forward to go to year 6I really cant wait until I get there Im going on Robin Wood which is going to be epic!


How to survive year 5 (Kail)

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Year 5 is really good we make lots of things including making the moving toys and greek boat. We have lots of trips we went to Robin Wood they had pirannas it was fun( not really thats Y6). We are reading a book called Ther is a boy in the girls bathroom it is really good book and its really fun to to read before that we read a book called I was a rat we even went to the theatre to watch it. History is really exciting you learn about Saxon and ikings. We also made three d villages that was fun. We did science week you dont have to do any maths and literacy but it is still a really fun week. In P.E we do bench ball and thats fun you have three teams wich are Nelson Drake and Raleigh one of your team mates have to stand on the bench the rest of your team is on the opposite side of the pitch and you can’t run with the ball you have to pass the if you are close enough you can throw it at the person on the bench. Im really looking foward to years  6 all of the new things Im going to learn. 🙂